90,000 words!

I’ve written 90,000 words of Ideas and Inspiration… volume 2. So I should be sending it off to be edited soon.

After I finish that, I should be making more frequent posts. With Ideas and Inspiration…, I already have more ideas than I can use. So I haven’t put a lot of effort into getting feedback. After this I’ll be working on my Gigacrawler game, and I want a lot of feedback and playtesting.

I’m also continuing to work on My Name Is John Carter, a verse version of A Princess of Mars. This will apparently not be in Cirsova magazine issue 3, but will be in issue 4.

Finally, I’m considering writing one of those books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where it’s partly using public domain texts. My idea is Anarchist Prince of Mars, a combination of Memoirs of a Revolutionist by Peter Kropotkin, fiction about Mars including the Barsoom series, and original material.

PS Last time I looked, volume 1 was back in the top 100 of science fiction and fantasy writing guides.

The Teletransportation Paradox

You’ve probably heard of this idea. There’s a teleporter which destroys your body and recreates it, in exactly the same pattern but from different elements. If you use the teleporter, is the ‘you’ that comes out really you, or an exact copy? It’s discussed here on Wikipedia.

Anyway, if someone did invent a teleporter like that, I think I’d be scared of using it until after the first time.

This is strange, because in using it I wouldn’t have gained any new information. I already know that the person who would come out of the teleporter would have my memories and believe themselves to be me.