Chainmail jousting is bullshit

In Gigacrawler I’ve added a section where the characters engage in jousts.

I wanted to use something like the Chainmail jousting rules–a ‘rock paper scissors’-style mechanic where you and an AI choose from a menu of options, which are combined to give you the result.

However, I soon found that there’s a problem with it. Some of the choices are inferior to others, regardless of what the opponent chooses.

Aiming point CP is always equal to or better than aiming points DC and DF. Similarly, ‘Steady Seat’ is better than ‘Shield High’.

I don’t know anything about jousting, so I can’t say whether the results are realistic. If they are, I’d imagine that in real jousts CP (in the center of the shield) would be where you tried to aim, but that this wasn’t always possible. So in game terms you’d be rolling, and CP would be the result if you were successful. The same for your stance.

However I liked the variety of results, so I ended up tweaking the table and using it.

I’ve actually finished the jousting section, but I thought of some ideas for things that could happen afterwards which I’m writing now.

From On The Trail of Ancient Man

…I can remember just ten times when I had really narrow escapes from death. Two were from drowning in typhoons, one was when our boat was charged by a wounded whale, once my wife and I were nearly eaten by wild dogs, once we were in great danger from fanatical lama priests, two were close calls when I fell over cliffs, once was nearly caught by a huge python, and twice I might have been killed by bandits.

Roy Chapman Andrews.

Gigacrawler board prototype

I haven’t been doing much on Gigacrawler–partly because of my business, and partly because I’ve been doing another section of My Name Is John Carter for Cirsova magazine.

However, I have done a prototype of the board for playtesting.

The shaded hex in the center is where you start.

Because the game’s locations are different each time, the board is laminated. You write in the details of each hex as you roll them, and then wipe the board clean for a new game.