The language of angels and demons

It is said that the language used by angels (whoever the true claimants to that role may be) to talk to the gods is identical to the language used by demons to talk to their superiors.

It is also said that this language is so perfect that every sentence in this language will be a palindrome, and the palindrome will convey the opposite of the sentence’s meaning.

Since demons are said to say everything backwards when talking amongst themselves, this means that the sounds which an angel will use to convey benevolent intentions will be identical to the sounds used by a demon to convey the corresponding baleful ones.

The Madoona

The Madoona is the goddess of sound sleep. Her high priests are living pillows, known as the Seven Pillows of Wisdom. Other living pillows form a group of fighting knights called Pillowdins. There is a separate priesthood of living bed-linen, called Holy Sheets.

The Salt-Haters

This sect of Teleleli believes in reincarnation. They say that once every person was a being of pure spirit. When the world was created the spirits were warned not to go there, lest they be trapped. However their curiosity got the better of them. Most of the spirits ate salt, and became too heavy to return. Those that did not eat the salt were able to return, and they became the gods.

The dolls of the angels

There are three types of beings in the lands around Teleleli who claim to be angels, each denying the role to the other two.

Those who support the claims of the most human-looking type say that the gods have given these angels the power to sew dolls who then move and speak, acting out events that are to come.

Forbidden Names

Superstitious Telelenes will avoid certain combinations of letters under any circumstances. It is said that, when the gods gave humans the power of reason, neither were sure that it was a gift and not a curse. Therefore they agreed that humans could tell the gods they wished to lose their intelligence, by speaking or writing certain things. It is no great inconvenience to avoid any of these ‘forbidden’ combinations of letters, as they are not words, but meaningless phrases such as roflmao and wtf.


It is said that since mute animals cannot pray, they have no gods, and instead worship the ground. The only animals to refuse this worship are wolves, who adore the moon. For this reason the ground will not receive them, and so their paws never touch it, which is why they run so silently.

Corpses and cadavers

A dead body is only called a corpse if it is under the earth (usually, but not necessarily, from burial after death). If it lies above the earth it is called a cadaver. The gods of corpses and those of cadavers are entirely separate. Some say that zombies must be placed in a coffin, and that coffin sunk in water, and that water lie above sea level. In this way neither the gods of corpses nor those of cadavers will protect the body, and the boker may achieve their evil end unopposed.

Alien Forehead-Bumps

Many species of the Celestial Realm resemble humans, but for a pattern of bumps and ridges on their foreheads. Each such pattern is distinctive to a particular species.

It has been speculated that the patterns are letters in the language of the gods or the Great Race, who in this theory are supposed to have created all such species.

Advocates of this theory are generally evasive about how these letters would have been used. Some resort to a mystical interpretation, while others assert that the Celestial Realm was used as a gigantic equivalent to a crossword or Scrabble board, with each species counting as a single filled-in letter or tile, and its planet of origin being the square.

The smooth foreheads of humans are said to be analagous to spaces, or to blank tiles.