The Isle of Names

The inhabitants of this island cannot conceive that two people could have the same name, or that someone would lie about their name.

This means that, if a visitor happens to have (or claims to have) the same name as a particular historical figure, wanted criminal or prominent islander, they will be treated as being that person.

The reputations of many gods and heroes in the island’s history are decidedly mixed, due to unscrupulous confidence tricksters who have claimed to be them.

The Tree of All Seasons

It is said that, far from Teleleli, there grows a tree one quarter bare of leaves and covered in snow, one quarter bare of leaves with no snow, one quarter in full bloom, and one quarter with leaves coloured red and yellow as in autumn.

It is further said that the touch of a branch from the winter quarter can cause or cure melancholy. A branch from the summer quarter can cause or banish joy. A branch from the autumn quarter can cause or cure any condition of rot or decay, and a branch from the spring quarter can cause or banish love.

Further stages in the fall of a great empire.

Some time after the appearance of the Harbingers, a madness will effect all women in the capital, such that they attempt to eat their own infants. This may be ended by extraordinary supplications to the gods, such as the building of great temples filled with precious stones.

Then the rulers will go mad with cruelty, having the innocent torn apart by wild horses. They will believe passers-by to be trees or vines, and mutilate them with axes

Then the women of the capital again become mad and eat their own infants- or, if their infants are already eaten, themselves- but this time there will be no remedy.

Then the women will become birds, the land will become barren, and the empire will fall.

(thanks to noisms for his research on this topic)

The Isle of Infants

The inhabitants of this island have the appearance of human babies, but speak and reason as adults.

They claim to have been born on another planet, but to have died. Their religion holds that, to avoid damnation, a person must undergo a rite of purification similar to baptism. The inhabitants of the isle claim to be those who died before undergoing this rite, but who had committed no other offence.

As such, they claim to be living in the mildest possible form of damnation.

The Isle of the Lame

If a human (or related kindred) spends the night on this island, it is very likely that one or both of their feet will develop a separate sentience and detach from their body overnight.

Some of the feet thus born have made their way to Teleleli. Some have found work as prostitutes, serving the more extreme foot fetishists, who find the presence of other body parts distracting. Others have contributed to the city’s culture, creating for example the novel ‘I am Leg-End’ and the song ‘Footloose’.

It is rumored that there exists another island where, should one of these feet spend the night, their toes will develop their own sentience and detach.