Pythonic Legs / Ozymandian Legs

Pythonic Legs live in the clouds. They resemble the leg of a giant, cut off cleanly just below the knee. They hunt land creatures, descending suddenly to squash them. It is unknown how they consume their prey, since they hold their kill in their toes and ascend again to the clouds.

After Pythonic Legs mate (those with ‘left feet’ and ‘right feet’ appear to be different genders), they become land-bound and unmoving, and harden so that they appear to be made of stone. In this form they are called Ozymandian Legs. It is unclear whether they are still alive in this stage. Either way, if they are not destroyed, the land around them will turn into desert.

Living objects

All human-made objects eventually become sentient, due to their contact with human life-force. However, due to the quantum nature of their existence, they are unable to move or speak when humans–though not other creatures–would detect them.

Non-human creatures such as fairies and trolls generally prefer to live far apart from humans, so as not to be tormented by the unceasing Babel of their objects.

Vampires, who must live among humans, construct sound-proofed boxes in which they rest as much as possible. This probably accounts for the belief that they sleep in coffins.

Vampires and eating

Vampires gain their nourishment from blood, and have no need to eat. However they can do so (generally to pass as human). The sensation of eating fresh grains and vegetables is repellent to them. However eating fresh meat is tolerable. If the meat is not regurgitated, but is left in the body to rot, they will become intoxicated by the fumes.


Some say that hyenas learn the names of people, and call them out at night to lure them to their deaths.

It is also said that the eye or stomach of a hyena contains a stone which, if it is placed under the tongue, allows one to see the future.

The language of angels and demons

It is said that the language used by angels (whoever the true claimants to that role may be) to talk to the gods is identical to the language used by demons to talk to their superiors.

It is also said that this language is so perfect that every sentence in this language will be a palindrome, and the palindrome will convey the opposite of the sentence’s meaning.

Since demons are said to say everything backwards when talking amongst themselves, this means that the sounds which an angel will use to convey benevolent intentions will be identical to the sounds used by a demon to convey the corresponding baleful ones.

The Harbingers

It is said that these creatures appear in great empires which are about to fall.

First a number of two-headed men will appear (or, perhaps, a single creature will appear many times). This creature will ask to be taken to the king or other ruler. However each time, as soon as the king’s eyes fall upon the creature, it will disappear.

Finally a two-headed woman will appear. She will cry out, “Oh my dear sons- we are about to go, where shall I take you?” Then she too will disappear. From this day the empire is doomed.