Wandering heroes of Mars, Haiti or the Brandlewood.

Now that I’ve finished my second d6 Shooters game, I’m ready to start designing my own version.

Hopefully this will turn into its own game, but I’m going to start from the base of d6 Shooters’ rules.

However, I’d like to try a theme other than Westerns.

I’ve been thinking about doing a game set on a ‘sword and planet’ Mars – mostly like the Barsoom series, but adding in elements from Dune, The Martian Chronicles and so on.

I was also considering a¬†fantasy version of Haiti – based on Wade Davis’ studies of zombie folklore.

Finally, a fairly ‘vanilla’ fantasy setting has the advantages of familiarity and popularity, as well as the capacity to add just about anything (‘brandle’, by the way, is a made-up word from a role-playing blog, but I can’t find the source now – can anyone help so I can give credit?)

Your comments and suggestions?