Vexed and perplexed


I’m intending to publish an ebook with my poem ‘Telelee’ (along with the aleady-published stories and poems set in the city, and a new story) as soon as I can. I actually finished the poem long ago, but I was trying to get it published in magazines, one of the places I sent it to seems to have ceased publication…anyway, a whole lot of delays.

I was hoping to use part of the above picture as the cover art. But I can’t find a version of the picture big enough (ebook covers should be about 1600 by 2400 pixels).

I’ve looked for other pictures, but I can’t find anything that seems right (and is big enough). So I’ve decided to ask you all for help.

What do you think the cover should have? A character? A cityscape like the one above? Something else? Can you give me the location of any actual artwork I could use (obviously it has to be public domain)? If not, just an idea of what you’d like to see would be helpful.