>The Isle of the Beast

>On this island is an ancient altar with great iron chains. It is said that whoever wants to summon the beast must bind themselves with these chains, making escape impossible as a sign of their utter confidence in their ability to control the beast. It is also said that they must cut themself with a knife, drawing blood, which would normally drive the beast into a frenzy, for the same reason.

>The Isle of the Bald

>The people of this island wear their hair cropped short. For incubi and succubi are said to abduct attractive youths – and these youths are found in the forest, strangled to death with their own hair.

The leader of the incubi and succubi is said to be named The Beautiful Woman Without Pity, or The White Lady.

“We are living in a material world
but I am an immaterial girl.”

The Beautiful Woman Without Pity (attributed)