Am I a loathsome hypocrite?

I’m basically pro-piracy. As I’ve mentioned before, I released my writing under a Creative Commons license (which would allow anyone to put it on a file-sharing site, or use one of my stories as a blog post). I’m also a big fan of the Pirate Bay and similar sites.

And yet I get upset when people take a review copy of my writing and don’t do a review.

Thus do I refute Maliszewski

I ran the first session of what will hopefully be a science-fiction campaign last Wednesday, using my ‘Pew-Pew system’ rules, which is a version of Mini-Six (in turn based on d6, the system used for the original Star Wars RPG and Ghostbusters).

I own a copy of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials, which I used for pictures of various creatures that the party encountered.

The characters included Cthulhu, a Terminator-like robot, someone from the same species as Jabba the Hutt’s advisor, a wizard-type who reminded me of The Dark Crystal but apparently was a species from StarWars, a talking cat, and an Eldar (space elves from Warhammer 40,000). There were space pirates, and a Hypno-Helmet.

It seemed exactly as coherent as any D&D game.

My previous post on this (it took so long partly because I ran a couple of OD&D games in between)

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The nature of zombies is that they have the ‘big good angel’, which is that part of a person that governs understanding and reaction, but no longer have the ‘little good angel’, which is the part that governs memory, awareness and personality. Thus they are capable of understanding and carrying out instructions, but not of reflecting upon those instructions or having motivations of their own. Lunatics, by contrast, have the ‘little good angel’ but not the ‘big good angel’, which is why they cannot be turned into zombies.