from Byzantium: Their ears were uncircumcised

A tree sprang from his loins, and from its roots flowed the great rivers of the world, and its canopy spread from the Caucasus to the Atlas. In the branches nightingales and parrots cried out. Every leaf was a scimitar. A wind blew up that turned these blades toward the cities that lay beneath the tree; most turned toward Constantinople. That city became the emerald in a ring, and the emir slipped the ring on his finger, and awoke.

Rafil Kroll-Zaidi.

The Anderson Gang

William T. Anderson, known as ‘Bloody Bill’, was the most pitiless and bloodthirsty of the Confederate guerillas in the American Civil War.

He was hunted down and killed in battle in 1864. Instantly, so it seemed to him, he found himself on a desolate plain which he later learned was the Abysmal Plain. Anderson believed that he had gone to Hell. Indeed he continues to hold this belief, stating that he sees no reason why the Almightly should not remove the memories of all the other condemned souls, but leave his intact so as to torment him further.

He is now the leader of a group of outlaws, no more merciful than the men he led on Earth, who hide in the Abysmal Plain and terrorise surrounding areas.