Wandering heroes of Mars, Haiti or the Brandlewood.

Now that I’ve finished my second d6 Shooters game, I’m ready to start designing my own version.

Hopefully this will turn into its own game, but I’m going to start from the base of d6 Shooters’ rules.

However, I’d like to try a theme other than Westerns.

I’ve been thinking about doing a game set on a ‘sword and planet’ Mars – mostly like the Barsoom series, but adding in elements from Dune, The Martian Chronicles and so on.

I was also considering a fantasy version of Haiti – based on Wade Davis’ studies of zombie folklore.

Finally, a fairly ‘vanilla’ fantasy setting has the advantages of familiarity and popularity, as well as the capacity to add just about anything (‘brandle’, by the way, is a made-up word from a role-playing blog, but I can’t find the source now – can anyone help so I can give credit?)

Your comments and suggestions?

d6 Shooters: Dead or Alive – day 13.

3 2 4   5 6 6 4
6 5   5 1 1 3
3 5   3 5 6
3 3 5   3 5 6 4

(Downhill ride is still in effect)
(Brown’s Home Town event is still in effect)
Used the 4 to fight.
Shootout: Rolled 6 for encounter (Army Regiment)
They rolled 2 + 2 = 4. I rolled 5 (I win).
They rolled 4. I rolled 2 (they win).

March 22nd, 1873: The last surviving members of the d6 Shooters have been brought to justice. The outlaws were considered such a danger that a party of US Cavalry was sent to hunt them down. They found the leader of the gang, Bloody Bill Harrison, sheltering in a cave. He had with him the body of another outlaw, who is believed to have died of the heat. Harrison was quickly gunned down, bringing the gang’s flight from the law to its end.

Posse: 0
Food: 0
Ammo: 0
Gold: 4
Info: 3

Note: I should have used the 4 to cancel the 6, which would have cost me a day but left me with 1 Posse member.

d6 Shooters: Dead or Alive – day 12.

6 1 2   4 2 5 6 6
5 6   1 5 3 4
3 3   4 6 5
6 3 3   4 4 6 5 4

(Downhill ride is still in effect)
(Brown’s Home Town event is still in effect)
Used the 4s to fight.
Shootout: Rolled 1 for encounter (Bounty Hunter)
They rolled 1 + 3 = 4. I rolled 5 + 2 + 3 = 10 (I win).
They rolled 4. I rolled 4 + 3 + 1 = 8 (I win).
I will have one less white dice next turn due to the 5.

March 21st, 1873: Me and Mike were bushwacked early in the morning. It was only one man; a bounty hunter I reckon. We hid most of the day, due to fear of other foes as well as the heat. We hope to make Dotson tomorrow.

Posse: 2
Food: 0
Ammo: 0
Gold: 4
Info: 3

Our current position.

The Righteous Province

The Righteous Province is a secret society, headed by sorcerers, which forms a kind of shadow government in certain rural areas.

Branches of the society, headed by a ‘viceroy’, meet at night in hidden caves, lit by torches fuelled by human fat. There is also a cave, “doubly hidden”, which is the headquarters of the society as a whole and presided over by its ‘king’. This cave houses a lake, whose waters can reveal any secret.

Each of these caves has two guards. Both of them are kidnapped as babies and forced to serve the society, never leaving the cave for their entire lives. One guardian is deliberately deformed: their hands, feet, arms and legs are disjointed, and their head is gradually twisted around until the creature appears to be permanently looking over their shoulder. The official of the society in charge of performing these operations also never leaves the cave. The second guardian is left intact. Both are fed primarily on human flesh.

The society derives an income from ‘tributes’ extracted upon pain of destruction of crops and livestock by magic.

Although the society is hated wherever it exists, it is widely believed that it was once benign, and helped the people against their tyrannical rulers.

(My thanks to Paul, for his initial research into this phenomenon).