Under the Moons of Mars – draft 2

I’ve updated the game in response to everyone’s feedback.

There were several problems that people pointed out.

  • Sometimes the game didn’t give you any link to keep playing. I’m pretty sure there was only one bug causing this, which I’ve fixed.
  • The re-roll mechanic was criticized. I’ve changed it. This also means that the resource roll only uses d6s, which will help if the game ever gets physically produced.
  • There were no instructions. I’ve added a page of instructions, but I’m not sure how good they are. Please let me know.
  • Someone pointed out that white apes are more likely to attack you if you have lots of followers. They thought it should be less likely (ie the apes are scared of you). I haven’t changed this, but would be interested in people’s thoughts. My justification was that having few party members makes you more stealthy, and the apes are mindlessly savage and will attack anything. This seems to me to fit Edgar Rice Burroughs’ vision of life on Mars, but of course fun is more important than ‘realism’, so this need not mean I should leave it as is.

In conclusion: I’ve fixed some stuff, but no doubt there’s lots more wrong with it. Please let me know what.

Please comment on the game’s page here, or on this post.


Barbarian Prince, days 35-44

Day 35: We headed south-west, or so we thought. We should have come to the hills by now. I have had no food for 2 days. My horse has had no food for 3 days, and can no longer carry me. The warrior remains loyal, despite that he, too, has gone hungry today.

Day 36: Still wandering the desert. The warrior is still with me, though I fear he may desert soon – and I cannot blame him.

Day 37: Still lost. We rested in the evening, and when I awoke the warrior was gone. Later: awoke to find the horse had died.

Day 38: Into the hills at last! In the evening I did my best to hunt, but found nothing. I have had no food for 5 days.

Day 39: Left the hills today, and have nearly arrived at the place where, the priest claimed, the treasure could be found. In the evening I tried to hunt again, but again found nothing. I am surprised to find myself still living.

Day 40: At first light I searched for the place the priest described to me. Had no success, nor with my feeble attempts to hunt.

Day 41: Still no luck finding the treasure. I am filled with a great misery, and well believe that he lied. But what else can I do?

Day 42: Found the place at last! I dug with a will that belied my starvation, to find a chest – empty! I lay on the ground and wept like a babe. I am too weak to hunt. I can see no option but to head for the town of Cawther, to the north-west.

Day 43: Entered Cawther. I am surprised no grave-digger sought to put me back. I rested in the street.

Day 44: I wandered the streets of Cawther, with no real plan. I hardly remember how, but I found myself in the home of one who claimed to be a wizard. Here my memory becomes unreliable. Perhaps I slept, but I imagined that he presented me with a winged horse. When I awoke, in the street, there was of course no winged horse.

Actually I think I’ve found a slight flaw in the rules here: you can’t ever actually starve to death, just get higher and higher penalties to your Combat Skill – which makes you less good at hunting, and therefore unlikely to get any more food.

So I’m going to say that the prince starved to death in the gutter. Which, honestly, is better than I’ve done so far.