Mars game: who sabotaged your flier?

I’ve updated the Mars game so that, once you get to zero ‘Info To Go’, you make a Fate Roll to see who sabotaged your flier, with a resulting adjustment to your stats (for example, more Willpower if it was your childhood enemy, less if it was your beloved).

Thanks to a reader’s suggestion, I’ve also changed the part where you try to sneak through a herd of banths. It used to be that, if you had a large number of Followers, it was impossible to avoid having some of them trampled. Now none of your Followers will be trampled on an 8.

Minor update to Mars game.

I just made a very minor adjustment to Under the Moons of Mars: the ‘character sheet’ at the bottom of the screen tells you how much Info you still have to collect, rather than how much you’ve collected so far. This will hopefully make it easier to keep track of what you have to do. It will also make it easier for me, when I reprogram it so the player can choose how much Info to set as a target.