Mars game: special items.

Since my course has finished, I’ve started again on Under the Moons of Mars.

I’m going to be adding the ability to buy and use special items.

At the moment there’s nothing new to see when you play the game, except that the ‘character sheet’ at the bottom of the screen has a space for ‘special items’. Since you can’t buy them yet, it will obviously tell you that you have none.

The special items will be as follows:

Compass: From the British colonies. If you roll any ‘Travel’ results in a given turn, you travel an extra thaad that day.

Field guide: Also from the British colonies. Each ‘Food’ result counts as 2 Food.

String map: Of Green Martian origin. Until you reach the next city, every roll is treated as if you got an extra ‘Travel’ result (unlike the compass, you will travel 1 thaad if you got no ‘Travel’ results).

Spirit dolls: Also Green Martian. If you defeat Green Martians in combat, Hostility goes down by 2 due to their fear of you.

Carbines, long rifles, jizals: Of British, Green Martian and Bedouin origin respectively. Give you 1-3 extra dice in combat (1 for carbines, 3 for jizals).

Radium swords: Of Red Martian origin. Give you an extra dice in combat. The difference is that you can get a bonus from the sword as well as from guns, whereas you can’t get bonuses from two types of gun.