Ill-Born Heads

It is said that, if a man is so overcome by grief that he opens the grave of his female beloved and has intercourse with the body, nine months later a hideous, disembodied flying head will erupt from the grave. These heads have the mouths of dogs and will bite the innocent, especially upon the buttocks and genitals, and in the case of female victims on the breasts.

Talking birds as advisors

A talking bird will often attach him- or herself to a powerful human as an advisor. It seems to me that some may have made their way to our world. One thinks of the legendary ravens of Odin (and of the Celtic god Lugus). Similarly, the owl was the symbol of Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom. In more recent times, Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie is said to have taken advice from a bird which he believed contained the spirit of his dead mother.