Pretentious? Vague? OK?

In the introduction to my game, I’ve been trying to describe the setting.

The setting of the game is a fantasy world, similar to the setting of games such as Dungeons & Dragons, but less bound to the conventions which have grown up around the fantasy genre in both fiction and gaming.

The game is set in a fantasy world. Players take the role of members of a group of wandering vagabonds, who have lost their place in society due to some misfortune. They are seeking to re-establish themselves, either through gathering enough wealth to start a new life, or by finding their true love.

The game is cooperative rather than competitive. That is, players are working together to try to ‘beat the game’, rather than working against each other with only one winner. Either all the players will win, or all the players will lose.

How would you feel if you read this?