What should the cover look like?

I’m just finishing the first draft of The Sex Lives of Demons. So I need to think about the cover (although, since it’s an ebook, it’s not actually a cover).

This is made a bit more difficult by the fact that my book is not a novel, but not quite a how-to.

What do you think the cover should look like?

I’ve put a few examples of reasonably typical covers below.

writingSFandF howtowrite howtowrite2writingfantasyandSFmistbornkraken


Can anyone name this article?

I’m looking for an article. I thought it was in an old Dragon magazine, but I can’t find it there.

It was about historical individuals that resembled Conan. The argument, from memory, was that real ‘barbarians’ weren’t like that–instead, you got wandering freebooter types from societies that were in transition.

I had the idea it was by L. Sprague De Camp.