Should I…?

Some people have expressed confusion about which of the articles in Ideas and Inspiration… are true, which are discredited theories from the past or fringe theories from the present, which were frauds, and so on.

I was considering adding a mark to distinguish the true ones, for example putting ‘[T]’ after the title.

What do you think?

My current writing projects

  • Continue ‘My Name Is John Carter’, to be submitted to Cirsova magazine.
  • Do a sequel to Ideas and Inspiration…, assuming that the first one continues to sell.
  • Not sure after that, but possibly get back to my board game (now turning more into a hybrid board game/choose your own adventure).

Would you pay 99c for this?

I like the idea that different fictional worlds are ‘really’ the same place: for example that Sherlock Holmes’ London is the same place that got invaded in The War of the Worlds, by Martians who interacted with Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Martians. R’lyeh is really Atlantis after it sank, and so on.

I was thinking of writing a ‘pseudo-history’ (similar to Last and First Men, but probably shorter) which unified as many science fiction, fantasy and occult ideas as possible. The overall idea would be that people in our universe, who thought they were making ideas up or receiving divine inspiration, were really getting visions of this other universe.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.