Infinite Dungeon and an unnamed board game

I’m thinking about what to do after I finish Ideas and Inspiration…Volume 2. I have two main ideas.

Both ideas would use both a board and a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style system of paragraphs.

i) I talked about this idea before here, but since then I’ve changed it considerably. This is the current version:

Everyone who ever lived on Earth finds themselves reborn in a different galaxy. An alien species, who translate their names as the Archons, says that they’re responsible. They are, unsurprisingly, regarded very highly by reincarnated humanity–in some cases literally worshiped.

A few people, however, are suspicious. Some wonder why their new bodies are sterile. Some notice that the Archons are vague about the lifespan humanity can expect, and whether they can expect to be born a third time. Some scientifically literate people who lived in the modern era are bewildered by those who claim to have lived in a civilization of the distant past, whose existence seems not merely unsuspected but actually impossible. The player characters in this adventure board game attempt to find out the truth of the Archons’ motives (there are several possible answers).

The game is cooperative, and so could be played by a single player controlling all the characters.

ii) The Infinite Dungeon. This is, broadly, ‘D&D as a board game’, like The Sorcerer’s Cave or Four Against Darkness.

This dungeon would be ‘infinite’ in the sense that it can be as big as the player wants, and in the sense that you can play it an indefinite number of times with different results. The system of paragraphs allows lots of different possibilities, because the player finds out what they need to do as the situation comes up, rather than having to memorize every rule beforehand.

This game could have its own system, or could use an existing role-playing system (probably pre-3rd-edition D&D). However the player would be expected to run the entire party, not a single character. This game could be played by a single player opposing several NPC parties, or by multiple players, each of whom controls a rival party.

Please let me know what you think of these ideas.