Gigacrawler draft – third playtest – part 3 and summary

As the third month begins, my robot character is close to losing the will to live and nearly crippled (current Willpower and Agility both 2).

I decide to look for a loan. Since I’ve got a high Charisma (thanks to the cuddlon bombardment) I try to negotiate rather than just taking the standard terms. It turns out that the roll is actually based on Willpower and Intelligence, but I’m still able to get a better deal. I borrow 200 shells, with 5% interest (ie 210 shells) due in a year.

Negotiating the loan took the rest of the month. I decide to “live as well as a prosperous citizen” this month, which costs 55 shells. Unluckily, this doesn’t do anything to raise me out of my near-despair.

I decide to try to find some adventuring companions. This time my high Charisma is useful, as I meet a sullen-eyed barbarian named Conan. I decide to take the rest of the month off, live as well as I can, and then leave the city in search of adventure.

This brings my Willpower up to 8.

I decide to go north, towards the temple of one of the groups of supposed angels. Before setting out on my journey I buy 3 months’ worth of human rations and 3 months’ worth of robot rations for myself. This uses up all of my loan except for 2 shells.

The journey actually takes only 2 months. We end up a new city, one far more hostile to wandering adventurers. I’d prefer to move on immediately, but I don’t have the money to buy more rations. I decide to turn to crime. Through sheer luck my burglary is successful, and we gain 150 shells.

This leaves us ready to set out again, and in the following condition:

Agility 3/7
Charisma 16
Willpower 8/16
Physique 14
Intelligence 11

Year 1 Month 7.

152 shells.

Loan: 210 shells due in Year 2 Month 3, at starting city.

Companion: Conan

Rations: 1 human, 1 robot.

KW4 [am a robot]
KW10 [have encountered cuddlon scientist]
KW17 [have met Conan]

The system seems to be working pretty well. I’ve found a few things that I reworded, but I haven’t changed any actual rules in the last playtest. This doesn’t mean that I’ve added everything to the game that I want to add–far from it. But I’m ready to have someone else play it and give feedback; first my girlfriend (with me able to clarify things if needed), and then ‘blind’ playtesting ie testing by strangers without me to explain anything.

I’d like to know what people think of these playtest posts. Does it sound like a game you’d be interested in playing? If not, why not?

My ultimate plan is to publish this as both a printed book, and possibly also as an ebook. In the ebook the paragraph numbers will be links–so if it says ‘turn to 20’ you can press the number and it takes you to paragraph 20.

Gigacrawler draft – third playtest – part 2

Having rolled up my robot, I’m ready to start adventuring.

(side note: I’ve gotten a different character type each time I’ve rolled one, but this is a happy coincidence–I haven’t fudged any of the rolls)

For the first month, I try to increase my mediocre Intelligence (which, if successful, will allow me to improve Magic or Technology). My studies lead me to a book, owned by a scientist who offers to let me read it, in return for being bombarded with cuddlons, the particles responsible for cuteness. I agree.

The cuddlons make me more attractive, increasing my Charisma to 16. Reading the book increases my Intelligence by 1.

At the end of the month, I have to decide how much to spend on food and board (in my character’s case it’s fuel rather than food, but the mechanics are the same). Since I’m so poor, I have to live on the street and eat waste. Luckily, as a robot, I’m able to roll against Intelligence to avoid any bad effects, and do so successfully.

In the second month, I decide to try and get some more money. I’m offered a job as a professional mourner, but turn out not to have the right build for the job. I’m fired after earning only 5 shells, which lowers my current Willpower. I decide to work as a laborer instead, which earns me 15 more shells but lowers my Agility and Willpower, to the point where I’m almost crippled and suicidal.

In the hope of keeping my Willpower up, I decide to live in a hovel and buy food, the best option I can afford. This costs 15 shells, and results in me losing 2 points of Willpower–still in the game, but obviously very low.

At the start of the third month of the game, the situation is as follows:

15 shells.

Month 3 Year 1.

Agility 2/7
Charisma 16
Willpower 2/16
Physique 14
Intelligence 11

KW4 [am a robot]
KW10 [have encountered cudlon scientist]

This is the map. M18 is my starting city (where I still am). M29, M30, M31 and M32 are the ‘angel’ cities.

Gigacrawler draft – third playtest – character creation

Having rewritten the ‘logic puzzle’ element of Gigacrawler, I’m going to test it further.

Rolling for abilities I get the following:

Agility 7
Charisma 10
Willpower 16
Physique 14
Intelligence 10

Once again I don’t have to raise or lower an attribute.

My highest attribute is Willpower. This means I’m a robot, with Magic 1 and Technology 9.

My starting hex is M18 (“A city which is tolerant of wandering adventurers such as yourself”), with movement number 3.

KW4 [robot]