Abominations of the True Form

This book of unknown but ancient origin is the most wide-ranging and reliable guide to the creatures, intelligent and otherwise, living in Teleleli and the lands around. Many of the descriptions here are partly or entirely taken from it.

The entry for each creature consists of a drawing of adult members of the species, a description of its attributes and habits, and a lengthy and vicious description of the punishments said to await them in some future time which seems to be the afterlife. The latter section is nearly the same for each creature.

It is not known who wrote the book, or even which species. There are no references, even tangential ones, to the nature of its author or authors (it is widely speculated that the religious elements have a separate origin, but the two kinds of entries have a similar vocabulary and structure, as if written by the same hand). This lack is unlikely to be accidental – we would expect a book written by humans to have at least one description such as “about the size of a child” or “have been known to attack humans” – but the reason for it is unclear. It is unknown whether the species that wrote it has its own entry.

It is widely believed that one or other group of angels wrote the book, although they all deny it. Strangely, almost no one has suggested that it was written by the Great Race. This may be becaue the irrational hatred displayed in its pages does not fit any common beliefs as to the Great Race’s nature.

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