Duelling In Teleleli continued

Duelling in Teleleli almost always occurs between two members of the same social circle. Some say that this is because a duel between members of two different communities is too likely to turn into a general conflict between the two communities. It is also said that, if the two disputants lack friends and acquaintances in common, no one will attempt to dissuade them from their course. Writers on the subject are not so much anxious to prevent bloodshed, as concerned that the institution of duelling may be cheapened. Umslopogaas states that duelling without proper cause “is no grave defence of honour, but an indulgence in vanity. The thoughtless duellist is like one who maketh a hasty marriage, and will travel the same road; a brief indulgence of passions followed by regret and ruin.” It should be noted that Umslopogaas’ pronouncements on duelling are largely intended as criticisms of Laodameia and her followers.

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