Dragon-Proof Trees

It is said that one may awaken the pride of trees by inducing a large number of birds, of sufficiently splendid plumage, to nest there. Once the tree’s pride is awakened, the tree will be anathema to crocodiles, lizards, snakes, dragons and similar beasts. Thus any bird which nests there, or any person who climbs the branches, will be safe against them.

If birds continue to nest there the tree’s pride will grow further, so that even the shadow of the tree will repel such creatures.

Alas, if the tree’s pride grows until it becomes arrogance, the tree will begin to poison the land around – for several miles, in some cases.

The Seventh-Day Inventists, ever impudent in their speculations, say that none of this is a matter of the tree’s pride, but is only a natural process. They say that the tree absorbs the poison from the creatures, and after a while vents it into the earth around.

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