The Avengers: Loki is in the wrong movie.

I went and saw The Avengers yesterday (my new squeeze had a free ticket). It was pretty good. I haven’t seen any of the films that led up to it, but I used to read comics (albeit more DC than Marvel), and I could follow the plot. My date didn’t read comics as a child, and would have missed that (for example) the blond guy was Captain America and had been frozen in the ice for 40 years if I hadn’t told her (I whispered – I’m not one of those people who talk in movies).

Anyway the thing I wanted to blog about was Loki. He was good, but…well, he looked like this:

"I'm bad. But you can change me."

“I’m evil. But you can change me.”

I don’t know if it was Joss Whedon’s doing, but he looked like a recognisable ‘type’: the ‘weedy goth boy villain’, much like Spike from Buffy or Edward Cullen from Twilight. I found him a bit out of place, because a character like that is ‘supposed’ to have a fraught relationship with a female main character and get redeemed. In Avengers he only has an emotional connection with his brother Thor. In any case, I wouldn’t have thought that there’d be much overlap between the audience for super hero films and people who like this kind of character, and the only character who was obviously supposed to be sexy was a woman, Black Widow (otherwise it was a regular, manly story about muscular guys in leotards wrestling).

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2 thoughts on “The Avengers: Loki is in the wrong movie.

  1. I’m sorry, have to disagree here.

    Having Withnail (“You have to help us! We’ve started an interstellar war by mistake.” “I have a heart condition. If you Hulk out on me, its murder.”) as the villain of the Avengers movie was inspired comic genius.

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