The Zombie’s Strawberry

This plant, which grows wild in some forests, causes horrible mental turmoil in whoever eats it. Survivors have reported a number of symptoms: seeing visions, leaving their body and floating above it as a disembodied soul, feeling as if their skin was on fire or as if insects were crawling underneath it, and being robbed of all will. While the plant does not cause death, its effects may prove fatal in the context of travel in wild areas.

The name comes from the belief that this plant is used by bokers to make a special meal, which they give to their zombie slaves. This meal has the effect of preventing the zombie from attacking their master, which is otherwise the only desire the poor wretches have. Other ingredients of the meal are variously said to include Paste of the Spirits, embalming fluid (to arrest the process of decay) and jackal droppings. I have heard no explanation for this last ingredient, and it may indicate a real or imagined spite on the part of the boker.

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