Little Wars

I’ve read HG Wells’ Little Wars a couple of times, but never played it.

It’s a very simple wargame, published in 1913, which uses model soldiers. Artillery fire involves no dice rolling. You’re supposed to use toy cannon that can fire little pieces of ammunition.

Unfortunately they don’t make these types of cannon any more (Lego had some until relatively recently as part of their pirates theme, but prices for second-hand Lego seem to have been driven up by collectors). So I gave up on the idea. However I recently found this on


I found it quite appealing. I especially like the idea of using small dice as ammunition, so you can have some sort of random effects without slowing down the game. But the instructions for making it (here) seem quite involved.

I don’t know whether flicking disks wouldn’t be a simpler solution (although that would require a smooth playing surface). But that somehow seems less fun – perhaps because I like the idea of aiming and firing a miniature piece of artillery.

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4 thoughts on “Little Wars

    • Yeah, it seems like it’d be cool to play with. The only problem is that I think you need more space than a game like Warhammer. It seems like you’re supposed to use the floor of an entire room at least.

  1. Check out Thomas Foss’s Kickstarter if you like the idea of Little Wars. Nice laser cut wooden soldiers to move around the floor designed for a Little Wars-esque game.

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