If China Mieville wants to get more popular…

Patrick Rothfuss: one of the dwarves from The Hobbit

Alan Moore: Radagast the Brown

China Mieville: The doorman at an S&M club.

He needs to work on his beard.

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4 thoughts on “If China Mieville wants to get more popular…

  1. Steve Aylett once described China Mieville as looking like “Conan the Barbarian coming out of the hair salon, annoyed.”

    Which is pretty accurate, although when I met him i’d have to personally say he looked more like the Pharoah’s Grand Vizier (which is actually a pretty good fantasy writer look, IMO).

    • Now that you mention it, he does look a bit sullen-eyed.
      I’m tall, balding and hook-nosed, so I’m glad you think that’s a good look for a fantasy writer 🙂

  2. No no no sirrah. Mr Mieville considers hirsute facial hair a bourgeoise reactionary social construct signifying a small-minded longing for the consolations of an imaginary golden age before multi-bladed razors. Baldness signifies his willingness to engage with contemporary socio-political ishoos, rather than hiding behind a personal facial hedgerow.

    (or, alternatively, he’s the final stage in the famous shaving lesson of Marxism. Marx > Lenin > Stalin > Mao > Mieville.)

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