d6 Shooters in real-time

Starting today, I’ll be playing a game of d6 Shooters in real-time: that is, one game day per actual day.

You might want to download a copy of the rules, or at least the main map sheet, so that you can follow along. I’m playing the first of two scenarios, ‘Long Road to Reno’.

I’ll show all the dice rolls, then a journal-style summary of the turn. The first three numbers are the red dice and the next five are the white dice. A dash indicates that a dice has been kept and not re-rolled. The fourth row is the final state of the dice.

2 3 5 6 2 2 6 2
3 5 5
5 6
2 3 5 5 2 2 6 2

Rolling for the 5s: 6 6 (two losses)
Rolling for the 6: 2 (no losses)

January 3, 1873: Day 1 of our journey. It has ever been my experience that, no matter how well-planned a journey, one will always realise that one has neglected some provision or other immediately it is too late. We made but little progress, as I, feeling that our rations were too scant, set the men to hunting. We brought in a good quantity of small game, but both Pete and George came down with heatstroke. The cool of the evening revived them somewhat, but they was still unfit to travel, so I sent them back to Pyrite. Hubert reported that he saw a suspicious-looking character near the camp, but nothing came of it.

Posse: 10
Food: 8
Ammo: 5
Gold: 3

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