d6 Shooters: Day 3.

3 6 6 4 1 5 3 2
2 6 3 4 6 4
2 1 6 1
2 6 6 1 6 4 1 4

Used the 4s to move.
Rolling for the 6s: 2 5 3 (two losses)

January 5, 1873: Day 3 of our journey. Lookouts reported more bandits around our camp; so many, indeed, that I believed we would be lost if we made a stand. Our only hope lay in speed. When the enemy saw our intentions they set up a great hollering, with much firing of pistols, taunts of cowardice &c. Hubert and Oregon Bill were both lost. I am ashamed to report we gave them no Christian burial, but left them where they lay. The men are very low, as am I, and there was much talk of vengence around the campfire.

Posse: 7
Food: 8
Ammo: 5
Gold: 3

Our current location.

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