d6 Shooters: Day 5

2 5 3 3 6 3 2 3
2 2
2 5 2 3 2 3 2 3

Rolling for the 5: 4 (one loss)

January 7, 1873: Day 5 of our journey. In the morning Bob brought down a lone deer, which I suppose must have become separated from the herd. It shall be a welcome relief from the hard-tack on which we have been subsisting. Good omens continued, as later in the day Seth found a piece of gold, lying in a stream as if waiting for us. It was small, but certainly will fetch some money. Perhaps this was a mixed blessing, as most of the boys were powerful eager to look for more. An argument ensued, with old Abraham insisting that it were folly, with a fierce enemy so close behind us, to do anything but ride on. At last he left us, damning us all for fools. He may have been right, but despair can kill on the trail, and I thought it best to give the boys their head after so much tribulation. At sundown we made camp not too far from where we started, with one less among us but in considerably higher spirits.

Posse: 6
Food: 4
Ammo: 5
Gold: 4

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