d6 Shooters: Day 6.

2 2 5 3 2 3 5 5
4 3
2 2 5 3 2 3 4 3

Used the 4 to cancel the 5.

January 8, 1873: Day 6 of our journey. The heat was even worse today, and again we made but little progress. I had thought that we would be in Calico yesterday, let alone today. Despite the heat, the game here is plentiful, and we will not want for rations. The men continued to keep an eye out for gold with each river we crossed. This bore some fruit, and cheered the boys greatly. But come sundown I reminded everyone of our comrades left behind, and of their duty to keep a watchful eye for those who would do us harm. I hope they will take my advice to heart, and that we will sleep in beds tomorrow.

Posse: 6
Food: 5
Ammo: 5
Gold: 5

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