Oregon Trail: expedition creation.

In Oregon Trail there are various scenarios, which differ in their starting and end points, and in the year (the later the year, the more forts there are). I don’t have any preference, so I rolled for it, and got the California Trail (long version) Bozeman Trail (sorry, I just noticed there are two pages of scenarios, not one). So the expedition is going from Fort Laramie, Wyoming, to Virginia City, Montana (about 500 miles), and the year (again rolled randomly) is 1868. You also have to roll to see what month you start in. I rolled 5, making it June.

A trail boss can choose to lead a small, medium or large expedition, provided their Popularity is high enough. Bill Beaudine can only lead a small or medium expedition, and chooses medium. Rolling a dice on the relevant table, I get 6, indicating 20 wagons.

Personnel is the number of wagons times 4, plus a single dice. I rolled 3, so there are 83 people in the expedition other than me.

The expedition has a number of pairs of oxen equal to the number of wagons times 3, plus a single dice. I rolled another 6, so we have 66 pairs of oxen. Each wagon needs 3 pairs to pull, so there aren’t many spare.

The expedition starts with no rations. However I can use my spare points from character creation to ‘buy’ extra oxen (1 point = 1 pair) or rations (1 point = 3 ‘ration units’, which is enough food for any expedition for one turn, which represents one week). I have 13 points, so I decided to spend 7 on 21 ‘ration units’, and 6 on 6 extra pairs of oxen.

The expedition’s starting Morale is five times the trail boss’s Popularity, making 55 in this case.

So the final results for the expedition are as follows:

  •   Setting out from Fort Laramie, Wyoming for Virginia City, Montana, starting in the first week of June, 1868.
  • 83 people in the expedition, trail boss not included.
  • 20 wagons.
  • 72 pairs of oxen.
  • Food for the expedition for 21 weeks.
  • The expedition’s Morale is 55 (this seems to be a poor to middling starting level).
  • Scenario note: Subtract 2 from the dice when rolling for Sioux actions in area I (this makes them more hostile).
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