Oregon Trail: Week 3.

20 June, 1868: We headed north-west, into the hills. It has rained a great deal. Deer are plentiful here, and we shot a few, and so had no need to diminish our rations. We have been fortunate not to suffer a single loss of person, beast or wagon thus far. But tomorrow we shall enter the mountains proper, and the most perilous part of the journey.

  • 83 people in the expedition, trail boss not included.
  • 20 wagons.
  • 72 pairs of oxen.
  • Food for the expedition for 19 weeks.
  • Morale is 38.

Our present position.

Observations on the rules: There are some interesting-looking rules for deserts, but hardly any desert. It looks like Oregon Trail has classed a lot of it as ‘broken’.

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