d6 Shooters: Dead or Alive – day 1.

Today I begin a game of d6 Shooters: Dead or Alive (the link is to a free pdf). Thanks to Cirsova for finding this for me, because it isn’t on Board Game Geek.

The story is that you are the head of the d6 Shooters, a posse of bounty hunters who have been framed for a crime. You have to find evidence to clear your name, and get to Capital City to present it, in 30 days.

I’d definitely recommend downloading a copy of the game, because it will make a lot more sense if you have it to refer to.

1 6 3   3 3 6 2 3
  5 6 5
  6 2 1
1 6 3   3 3 6 2 1

Rolling for the 6s: 1 6 (1 loss)

February 28, 1873: Had we delayed our journey by another hour, we would all have swung. As it was we rode out of Crowe with the law on our heels. Worse, Jack – ‘Bama’ as everyone called him – was shot and killed. With every man’s hand against us, I have elected to head towards Dotson, for I suppose that we will meet with less danger that way.

Posse: 11
Food: 9
Ammo: 4
Gold: 3
Info: 0

Our current position.


Note: Had I gone west I would have gotten 1 gold, but the route looked more dangerous.

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