>The Celestial Realm

>The Celestial Realm is the Telelelene term for all places beyond the sky, excluding the Moon and other planets.

It should be noted that the world is not a spherical planet, but rather is a flat ‘sheet’. It is not known what lies at its edges (if any), or below the underworld. All other planets, so far as is known, are the spherical shape familiar to us.

Inhabitants of the Celestial Realm include Perverse Space Brains and Silicate Spiders, as well as space-craft crewed by pirates, traders, and explorers. Although most of their number are species unknown in Teleleli, there are some planets whose inhabitants are human or related kindred.

Dwarvish craft usually resemble a huge, heavily-armoured helmet. An ‘arm’ holding a hammer often extends from the top of the craft. It is operated by ropes, reminding one of church bell-ringers.

The dragonfly-like craft of the elves rely on speed and maneuverability.

Craft built (or built and grown, since they are partly organic) to halfling design resemble a hill, with houses set inside in the manner of halfling villages. They defend themselves by exuding intoxicating smoke, which resembles a stronger version of Pipe-Weed, through the chimneys.

Celestial craft built by gnomes resemble a gigantic statue, diving suit, or suit of armour, and rely on speed and their thick hulls.

Craft built by humans have varied designs, but often resemble ships or castles.

The Celestial Realm is a wild and lawless place, but some protection is provided by the Rocket Rangers of the Galaxy. This group, whose formal name is the Rocket Corps Mega-Patrol, may be recognised by their distinctive red tunics and wide-brimmed hats. They patrol on rocket-horses, righting wrongs and apprehending evil-doers. Their spacesuits require less heating than those of other beings, due to the extreme cold of their home planet.

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