>The City of the Amazons

>This city stands on the fringes of a desert. It is a terrible location, and indeed some say that it was chosen as a characteristic test of strength by these most Spartan women, whose role in their society is akin to the traditional role of men.

There are many myths about the Amazons. The belief that they charge into battle naked, for example, is based on work which is now considered unreliable: the tome Seriously You Guys, You Could Totally See Their Boobs.

Other false beliefs may be true tales of other, more obscure groups:

  • That they have no men, growing like fruit from trees.
  • That all their men are born cripples, or that male children’s legs are broken at birth, or that healthy boy-children are left for the wolves and only the crippled kept.
  • That they can bear no male children, and so must steal them (which is said to account for their warlike nature).
  • That they are not women, but have no gender; like insects, the queen is the only true woman, and the mother of them all.
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