Mars game: Food, luck, ammo, combats.

I think the requirement to gather food in d6 Shooters is quite harsh. In my experience it ends with most of your Posse dying or leaving (it’s not clear what’s meant to be happening in the fiction of the game). So I’ve decided to make it much less punishing.

I’ll probably reduce the requirement (1 Food per person) – or the amount you gather, which is effectively the same thing – and also the result of not having enough food: perhaps you start by losing Morale, and only start losing people when you’re completely out of food.

In d6 Shooters 4s represent ‘luck’, and you can only use them on the turn you roll them. I’m thinking of having a pool of luck points, which you can use at any time. I’m also planning on having more uses for them in Events. For example, you might be able to re-do certain rolls at the cost of a luck point.

I’m not planning on having Ammo, but your character’s Willpower will have a similar function (ie you can sacrifice it to add to your ability in a single combat). You might also be able to sacrifice luck, but this is likely to be less efficient – perhaps 2 Luck points do the same as 1 Willpower.

Morale will have a role in combat: your followers might refuse to fight in certain circumstances.

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