Mars game: rolling.

In d6 Shooters version 3, rolling a 3 means ‘Info/Support’, whereas in the first two versions it means ‘Prospect’ (ie finding Gold).

I want to use both. This means that I have to use d8s instead of d6s.

The numbers for my game will be as follows:

  1. Move 1 haad.
  2. Move 2 haads.
  3. Find shells (equivalent to Gold).
  4. Hunt.
  5. Info.
  6. Luck.
  7. Heat.
  8. Possible attack.

Some comments:

  • Having a currency doesn’t fit the theme of Barsoom. Edgar Rice Burroughs doesn’t seem at all interested in the economy of his people (although the Green Martians are meant to be a communist dystopia), or even in the stock adventure plot of having a great treasure that motivates characters. However having something to trade creates the possibility of interesting decisions. In any case, ‘my’ Red Martians are closer to Native Americans, and several groups of Native Americans did use shells as trade goods.
  • In d6 Shooters, 1 in 3 results are bad (heat and being attacked). In this version, only 1 in 4 results are bad. Also, the distinction between red and white dice in d6 Shooters seems a bit ‘fiddly’ to me. My solution to both is to have unlimited re-rolls, provided the player rolls at least 3 dice at a time, but all 7s or 8s lock, not just red dice on the first roll. The requirement to have at least 3 dice rolled at a time is to stop people rolling 1 dice at a time and turns taking too long.
  • Hunger will be much less harsh than in d6 Shooters. Lack of food is likely to only result in lowered Morale and/or Willpower.
  • The effect of heat will be taking the number of dice that show a 7, and adding the result of a new roll on a d8 (the player will be able to spend a Luck point to re-roll this d8). Results will include lowered Morale and/or Willpower, lost Food, or┬álost Followers.
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