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Apparently you guys are interested in my Mars game (or those of you that aren’t, aren’t commenting). So I’m going to keep posting about it here.

I got an interesting long comment that asked, among other things,

Air? Is Mars supposed to be terraformed to some degree, or are our characters in spacesuits constantly?

The setting is based on 19th century ideas about what Mars might be like: a world that is far older than Earth, but basically Earth-like. Mars was once covered in oceans, but is now a dying, desert world, and so its people have built a planet-wide network of canals in order to bring water from the polar ice caps.

The most famous example of fiction set in such a world is Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series, featuring the Earthman John Carter who is transported to Mars. The Red Martians possess advanced technology, but appear to have degenerated into a violent, chivalrous, fuedal society.

My version of Mars is related to Barsoom, roughly as the Dungeons & Dragons world is related to Middle Earth. That is, ‘my Mars’ is based on Barsoom, but I’ve freely changed the details and added other elements that I thought were cool or interesting (thanks to Adventures on Mars for this explanation).

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