Ebolite Stick

An ebolite stick is created by taking a stick of pimento wood, and roasting it over a fire, such that the bark is completely shed without the wood being damaged. The stick is then buried in the grave of a person newly-dead. It is dug up after two or three weeks. The spirit of the deceased now lives in the stick. The stick must be polished, and a piece of wire wrapped around it. The stick is then given a name – which is not the name of the dead spirit – and undergoes all the ceremonies of a new-born child. The owner of the stick, and anyone else who does not want to incur its wrath, must refer to the stick only by its new name. In return it will give the owner many magical powers, including that they will never be troubled by the spirits of the dead, and will turn into a serpent to aid the owner when called.

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