>The Waste of the Iron Ones

>This snowy waste is named for a group of talking bears, who mine iron and forge it into armour, which they believe contains their souls.

Every adult bear wears armour except for the priests, or Yogis, who go naked (‘bear-arsed’). Only those who are more intelligent than the average bear are chosen to be Yogis.

The Waste is infested with ghouls. During the summer they awaken, ambushing travellers and turning them into ghouls. Towards the end of the summer they make their way to a lake if they can, or if not are covered by the snow. In either case they lie frozen for most of the year, until the lakes and snows melt again. The royal court of the ghouls is said to be at the bottom of a great lake.

Since ghouls are never seen with armour, the Iron Ones believe that they can only be turned into ghouls if it is stripped from them.

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5 thoughts on “>The Waste of the Iron Ones

  1. >Yogi bears? "Bear-arsed?" Nice.

    Was the inspiration for the armored bears the His Dark Materials?

    The ghouls dwelling at the bottom of the lake is a nice touch, too.

  2. >“With this device I shall change history! The accursed name of Adolf Hitler will be erased from the annals of European painting!”

    That was hilarious. Just had to let you know.

  3. >@Trey:
    Yes, it was His Dark Materials. The ghouls at the bottom of the lake were inspired by World War Z, in which zombies freeze during the winter.


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