Is ‘Wizard’s First Rule’ as bad as the TV series makes it seem?

I watched the first episode of The Legend of the Seeker recently. The hero learns that the people he thought were his parents actually weren’t: he was taken from his real parents and adopted. He learns this from an eccentric hermit who’s actually a powerful wizard after his father is killed and his house burnt down…

In other words, it’s a ripoff of Star Wars.

Is the novel like that? Or is it one of those cases where the TV series doesn’t live up to the book?

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5 thoughts on “Is ‘Wizard’s First Rule’ as bad as the TV series makes it seem?

  1. It’s been a bit since I read it, and I also enjoyed the series, but yeah, pretty much. It does go off into other than star wars territory, and it is silly, but as long as you’re looking for Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules, and not anything more, you’ll enjoy it.

  2. *** Spoilers for Wizards First Rule ***
    In the books, Richard was raised by his biological-mother and her husband until their deaths (at different times). His biological father was not his mother’s husband.

    *** More spoilers, that are relevant but not directly needed to answer the question ***
    The crazy hermit wizard is Richard’s mother’s father, hence his grandfather.

    *** End Spoilers ***
    So, it’s not quite Star Wars, but it’s very similar in that Remarkable Origins thing for fantasy heroes.

    Also, if you hate Ayn Rand as an author, you’ll probably end up hating Terry Goodkind as well.

  3. The book isn’t a horribly obvious ripoff of Star Wars. Haven’t seen the show, but I’ve read the first book twice. Once when I was much younger, and once recently just to see how it held up. The second time it was better than I was expecting. But when I was reading it I never even thought of Star Wars, so even though the bare bones summary is similar the book delivers it with more originality than it sounds like the show did.

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