>This god of servants and those whose good deeds go unrewarded was once an ordinary domestic dog. It belonged to a noble whose name has been lost. One day the noble went hunting, leaving the dog to guard his infant child. When the noble returned he found the cot overturned, the child nowhere to be found, and the dog with bloody jaws. Believing that Ginnafort had eaten the child, the noble killed the dog. The dog made no sound as the noble’s club hit home; but as it expelled its last breath, the noble heard a crying child. He turned over the cot to find his son, and the body of a snake. Ginnafort had killed the snake and saved the child.

The snake is said by some to have been Dry-Corpse, the servant of the God of Unnatural Death.

Some talking dogs say that they are descended from dogs who saw the unhappy fate of the dog, and realised that they must be free of their masters.

Similarly, the Conspiracy of Equals uses the dog as a symbol (although they do not necessarily consider it divine), saying that the suffering of the dog is like that of all who rely on the gratitude of their masters.

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