My girlfriend was a killer DM at age 7.


Tomb of Horrors ain’t shit.

When my GF was little, she wrote this Choose Your Own Adventure. Obviously she was influenced by the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

The text is in pencil, so it didn’t scan.

1 One day you go exploring and find a haunted house. Do you want to go in and explore or do you want to go home?

If you want to go in turn to page 4.

If you want to go home turn to page 8.

2 Go home! Why, your [sic] the Cowardly Lion! Gee!

The End.

3 You go to the right junction there is a path that goes left and a path that goes right. Which way do you want to go?

To go left turn to page 13.

To go right turn to page 11.

4 You decide to explore the house. When you gave gone about half way across the lounge a Boogie-man jumps out at you. What’ll you do? Go home or be brave and go on?

If you want to go home turn to page 2.

If you want to go on turn to page 12.

5 At the end of the passage you see a rainbow.

If you want to ride home on Indigo, p17. Red, p16. Yellow, p14. Violet, p10. Blue, p4. Or if you’d rather ride home on green, p7. The orange is out of order.

6 You go right. You come to a room. Do you want to go into the room or go back?

To go back page 18.

To go into the room page 19.

7 You ride home on green.

The End.

8 Your [sic] a coward and decide to go home.

The End.

9 Bad choice. You are pulled into the rainbow and never seen again.

10 Bad choise. You fall off and die.

The End.

11 You go right. You find some treasure. You pick it up and take it home.

The End.

You Win You Win You Win.

12 Brave choice. You rush past the Boogie-Man and go on. Soon you come to two junctions. Gee! You think.

If you want to go to the left junction, page 20.

If you want to go to the right junction, page 3.

13 You go left. You get eatan [sic].

The End.

14 You get winched off by an airoplane [sic] and are taken home.

The End.

15 Bad choice. You fall down a hole and never come out again.

The End.

16 The rainbow bulges and you are thrown into Space.

The End.

17 You suddenly turn white and disserpear [sic] in a cloud of smoke.

The End.

18 You go back coward.

The End.

19 You go into the room. It is very scary. You see a passage-way. You go down the passage.

Turn to page 5.

20 You go to the left junction. One path goes straight forward while the other goes right. Which way?

To go right, page 6.

To go straight ahead, page 15.

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