Is this a good idea?

I had an idea for a book (ebook and possibly also print).

It would be a book of facts and quotes for inspiration for fantasy writers and DMs (and for general interest reading).

Examples of the kind of thing that would be in it:

  • The articles of agreement¬†from a pirate crew.
  • A list of ‘real’ magic books.
  • Jargon used by thieves, carnies etc.

The ebook would probably be 99c.

Please let me know what you think.

EDITED TO ADD: This would not mean that I wrote less poetry. It might, or might not, effect my game.

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6 thoughts on “Is this a good idea?

  1. I’d probably be more likely to read and use it if it were a physical book. I mean, I’d probably still buy it to support you, if it was ebook only, but I probably wouldn’t ever get around to reading it then :/

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