Cover design – probably the last

cover 5As always, please let me know what you think.

As you’ll see, this one doesn’t have my name or the title on it. I’m starting to think the cover of an ebook doesn’t need them, since it will be displayed on a page which has the title and a blurb.

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6 thoughts on “Cover design – probably the last

  1. Much improved. You may want to consider fitting the title in there for displays on ereaders that might not show metadata. Maybe just in small print in some of the white space on the left? Wrapped around the hexes?

  2. I’m still voting for the imp reading the book with all the crazy sci-fi pulp stuff in the background. To me, that’s still far and above the best cover. You may be over thinking this a bit, but I totally understand. Imp cover was best cover.

    • I can’t find a print-on-demand site that does recycled paper 🙁

      But I’ll do a Kickstarter to make a print edition if there’s enough interest.

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