Gigacrawler intro – please comment.

It is the last age of the universe. The space between planets is now filled with tunnels of stone, glass, metal, and stranger materials. This may be because of hyper-urbanization and eons of alchemical warfare. It may be that our ancestors uploaded themselves into software, and what we call the universe is produced by a now-corrupted program. It may be that God is senile.

Around twenty years ago, the repeated cities appeared, apparently all at once and throughout the entire universe. The repeating cities are identical copies of particular settlements: the 19th century frontier town of Black Creek Wyoming; the first city, Ur, with its alien ‘gods’; Atlantis at the height of its power; and the greatest city of the Age of Three Suns, Telelee.

Gigacrawler is a paragraph-based, single-player adventure game. Player-characters may attempt to find the true origin of the state of the universe; they may quest for true love; or they may merely try to make their fortune.

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  1. Thanks both of you. I haven’t done much on this due to the computer game I was supposed to write, but I should have more content reasonably soon.

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