Gigacrawler character creation v2

[Step 1 and 2 are the same as in the original version]

Determine background

Your character’s background depends on which attribute is the highest.

If your character has a tie for highest, randomly choose between the tied attributes.

Highest attribute Background
Agility Citizen of the repeating city of Black Creek, Wyoming
Charisma Vampire
Intelligence Citizen of the repeating city of Atlantis
Willpower Robot
Physique Neanderthal

[in the real game, each background will send you to its own paragraph.]

Citizen of Black Creek, Wyoming

If your Intelligence is less than 6, increase it to 6, and decrease your Agility by the same amount). This is done so that your character can safely use a pistol.

You are good at riding, and start with 6 bullets. In a world mostly made of metal, anyone could make a pistol. However gunpowder and cordite–and hence bullets–are rare. [Needs a disadvantage]

Your Tech Level is 6. Your Magic Level is your Intelligence minus 6.


You appear to be merely an attractive and/or persuasive human. However, where a human being would normally be liked or respected, you can completely dominate the weak-minded.

You are harmed by sunlight, although this will normally not be a problem in the Gigacrawler setting.

You require blood (not necessarily human blood) to live. Going without blood does not just make you weaker, but also makes you less in control of yourself. You usually look like a normal human, but your vampirism becomes more obvious if you go without blood. Particular kinds of magic or technology might also reveal your condition.

If you have fed recently, you can perform feats which are impossible for humans–for example climbing up the side of a building–at the cost of great fatigue.

Roll two dice. Your Tech Level is the total of the two dice, or your Intelligence, whichever is lower. Your Magic Level is your Intelligence minus your Tech Level.

Citizen of Atlantis

You are bad at fighting and bargaining, since neither of these things happen in Atlantis. For the same reason, you find eating meat repellent. Unlike all other characters other than robots, you don’t lose Willpower in the stultifying city of Atlantis.

Your Tech Level is equal to your Intelligence. However, if your Intelligence is over 15, your Tech Level is only 15.

Your Magic Level is also equal to your Intelligence, and also has a maximum level of 15. This is a significant advantage: most characters have a Tech Level and Magic Level which add up to their Intelligence.


You are immune to disease, less likely to have a soul, damaged by water and sandstorms, and don’t heal naturally but can get repaired. Unlike all other characters other than citizens of Atlantis, you don’t lose Willpower in the stultifying city of Atlantis.

Your Tech Level is your Intelligence minus 1. Your Magic Level is 1.


You gain Willpower in wilderness, but lose it in all cities. You are bad at bargaining, but good at hunting and gathering.

Your Tech Level is 3. Your Magic Level is your Intelligence minus 3.

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