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This is an explanation of how movement works in Gigacrawler.

The player doesn’t have to learn this information before the game starts: it’s presented step by step in the paragraphs as they play.

hexexampleThe Gigastructure can’t be represented in two (or even three) dimensions. Distances may be different depending on the direction traveled. This is represented by movement numbers.

Each hex has three numbers. The top number, pre-printed, is unique to each hex. This allows you to make notes on what you find.

The middle number is the paragraph number. When you come to a hex which already has number you either turn to the paragraph corresponding to that number. When you come to a hex without a paragraph number you roll on a table, fill in the result, and then turn to the corresponding number.

The bottom network is the movement number. When you come to a new hex you roll a dice. 5s count as 2, and 6s as 3. 1-4 are counted as rolled.

When you leave a hex you move a number of hexes equal to the hex’s movement number, in any of the six cardinal directions.

There are three entities who may be entreated when moving:

Yafir, the Lady of the Spaces Between, allows you to move ‘diagonally’, as per the diagram below.
Yiraf, The Exalted Crone of the Far Places, allows you to add 1 to the movement number of the hex.
Yirah, the Infant Lord of the Near Places, allows you to subtract 1 from the movement number (therefore he can’t be entreated in hexes whose movement number is 1).

yafiregExample of entreating Yafir. If the movement number of hex A were 1, the player could move from A to any of the hexes marked B. If the movement number of hex A were 2, they could move from hex A to either of the hexes marked C.

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