Gigacrawler draft playtest

I’ve written a bit over 10,000 words of Gigacrawler. This covers the basics of character creation, and stuff that you can do in settlements. However I want to start playtesting it as early in the process as possible. So this is a self-playtest, which I’ll be blogging as I do it.

First of all I roll my character’s attributes. This is done with the familiar 3d6.

Agility 11
Charisma 15
Willpower 13
Physique 6
Intelligence 14

Since I have at least one high (13+) and one low (8-) attribute, I don’t have to alter my attributes.

My highest attribute is Charisma, so my character is a vampire. This means that my Technology score is 2d6 (capped at my Intelligence-1). My Magic score is my Intelligence minus my Technology. I roll 7, so my scores are

Technology 7
Magic 7

I have the keyword KW2 (which just indicates that I’m a vampire).

Like all characters, I start with 10 shells (cowrie shells are the currency of the setting).

Now I roll for the starting hex, and get M14–a relatively tolerant town–with a movement number of 3 (this is relevant to moving around the board, and probably won’t matter much at this stage).

That’s character creation. I was going to go on to the main game, but my computer stopped working and I ran out of time. So I’ll continue this in another post.

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